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The Entegrys Focus SuiteTM provides three distinct competency assessments tools.

Career FocusTM

Self only

Performance FocusTM

Self and manager

360 FocusTM


Three levels of statistical validation on 360 FocusTM reports


The inter-rater Agreement Measure indicates the confidence the user can have that the ratings accurately reflect what they are designed to measure. In general, the higher the agreement measure, the less likelihood of either randomness or inconsistency in the ratings.

The Average Sum Validity Check flags assessor responses with statistically high or low ratings relative to other responses. Outlier responses can be excluded from the report if desired. Note: This feature is only available to Enterprise Plan subscribers.

The Standard Deviation Validity Check compares the variations in assessor ratings for the individual being assessed. Too high or low a variation in ratings relative to other assessors is likely to indicate a failure to differentiate observed behaviour objectively. Note: This feature is only available to Enterprise Plan subscribers.

The Entegrys FocusTM Reports

The Entegrys Focus SuiteTM assessment reports provide a “snapshot” of an individual’s performance relative to the competency requirements in the job profile. Results are provided in four separate data report sections. Standard interpretation notes are also provided.

Performance Summary

The Performance Summary section displays four columns of data.

  1. The Combined Average Rating of all assessors.
  2. The Gap – the difference between the Combined Average Rating and a minimum acceptable rating of 7.0 for each required level in the job profile.
  3. The Agreement Measure – the degree of statistical confidence the subject of the assessment can have that the gap accurately reflects his/her performance as observed by assessors.
  4. The Performance Demonstrated – a score of the performance demonstrated in each competency (from development need to exceptional strength) relative to the level of performance required in the job profile.
Key Behaviour Details

The Key Behaviour Details section offers the most comprehensive view of assessor ratings in the Entegrys FocusTM report. It displays average scores by relationship category for each key behaviour (i.e. each statement in the questionnaire). It also identifies the overall performance score for each key behaviour ranging from development need to exceptional strength. Note: This section is not available in the Career Focus™ report.

Comparative Feedback

The Comparative Feedback section graphs the average ratings of each category of assessors for each competency in the specified job profile. It then displays a numerical comparison of the average ratings by category of assessors, e.g. Self, Manager, Peer, Direct Report and Client. To provide anonymity of the assessors’ ratings, group averages are not displayed in Peer, Direct Report or Client categories when there are less than two assessors in that category. However, this number can be changed upon request for Enterprise Plan subscribers. Note: This section is not available in the Career FocusTM report.

Assessor Comments

The Assessor Comments section presents all the written comments from assessors for each competency in the job profile. They are reported verbatim, but in randomized order. The comments provide valuable insight to the reasons for the assessors’ ratings.

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