Focusing In

25 years of competency consulting now focused on high caliber competency assessment tools for small and midsized businesses


Focused Performance Discussions

Facilitate successful conversations by focusing on desired behaviours


Focused Hiring

Measure the match between a candidate and a job


Focused Professional Development

Highlight key areas for training and development

We Can Help!

One of the most challenging aspects of a manager’s work is discussing performance in a way that maintains employee dignity and motivation.

Our quality Focus® reports help individuals recognize their strengths and development needs before the discussion, and provide managers with positive behavioural language and objective observations to encourage performance growth

Invest limited time and training resources wisely by using the Entegrys Focus® assessment tools to highlight key areas for individual development and career coaching.

Use our Team 360 Focus® reports to strategically target team and organizational development initiatives for maximum return on investment.

Past performance is the best predictor of future success!

Too often hiring managers are blindsided by an impressive list of knowledge and skills, only to discover the person they hired falls short on delivery.

The Entegrys Focus® assessments facilitate an objective evaluation of a candidate’s performance strengths and gaps before you hire or promote.

What are my talents? How will I fit within this company? In this job?

Many job postings use phrases such as “must work well in a team environment”, “must be a self-starter”, “must have good interpersonal skills”. This tells you that competencies like teamwork, initiative and interpersonal communication are important to this position or company.

The Entegrys Focus® assessments will help you recognize your strengths and development needs relative to what the company and position require.

Competency assessment results compiled for your team in our Team 360 Focus® report identify the collective strengths and development needs within the team so you can determine:

  • How to use team strengths most effectively
  • Where to target development
  • How to balance strengths and address gaps when bringing new members into the team

Quality In–Quality Out

  • All the advantages of competency assessments without the need to procure expensive HR information systems
  • Several additional resources and customizable options for even greater value for Enterprise subscribers
  • Multiple job profiles to choose from to better fit your unique needs
  • Precisely defined competencies for greater validity
  • Four complexity levels in each competency for more accurate quantitative ratings
  • Randomized behavioural statements in questionnaires to reduce “rater fatigue”
  • Ratings reported from multiple perspectives to easily hone in on specific strengths and development needs
  • Summarized by competency, compared by assessor relationship, broken down by questionnaire statement
  • Assessor comments section to give the reader further insight
  • Web-based assessment process for universal access
  • SSL encryption for security of your confidential information
  • Auto-generated, personalized email notifications for ease of use

The Entegrys Focus Suite®

The Entegrys Focus Suite® offers exceptional value for proven competency assessment tools that will transform your HR practices!

Self Assessment

This tool supports career development by offering you insight into how well your strengths match a job profile and where you might need further development.

Self & Manager Assessment

Use this tool to stimulate productive, behaviourally-focused performance discussions between managers and staff.

Multi-Rater Assessment

This powerful assessment tool enables you to gather and compare perspectives from a full spectrum of key stakeholders. Use it to maximize the ROI for all your HR management processes.

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25 years of Competency Consulting

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