The heart of our business is defining competency requirements so people and organizations can achieve better focus, leading to a brighter future for everyone.


Better focus

Our mission is to provide excellent, high value resources that help individuals and organizations achieve a better focus on the competencies they require to be successful.


Better future

Our vision is to be a catalyst for a work culture in which people can thrive because their abilities and passions are aligned with their organization’s needs.

Our Guiding Beliefs

We believe in satisfied clients, so we strive to provide exceptional client service.

We believe our competency assessment tools will improve the way people work and the way organizations recruit and develop their talent.

We embrace clarity, sound judgment, rigor and expertise as the foundation for our assessment model in order to produce valid, trustworthy results.

We believe the energy that people and organizations invest in competency assessments will be a major catalyst for meaningful change.

We believe that insight obtained from sincere, observation-based feedback is the key to personal and organizational growth and success.

We believe in creating reliable, relevant and exceptional tools that people and organizations can count on.

Our History

We’ve been in the competency business for more than twenty-five years, since the field of competency development was in its early stages.

Entegrys has specialized in:

  • The design and implementation of competency dictionaries, competency-based HR systems and assessment tools.
  • The collection, synthesis and analysis of assessment data, both primary (interviews, surveys, focus groups) and secondary (previous research, publications, databases).
  • The design and facilitation of workshops and planning sessions.
  • Coaching and mentoring competency and performance development processes for organizations and individuals.

Our services have included:

  • The design of competency-based HR management systems for performance development, recruitment and succession planning.
  • The development of technical, competency-based national occupational standards and certification processes.
  • The design and delivery of team, performance management, communication, personal development and leadership workshops.
  • The facilitation of strategic planning sessions.

Entegrys consultants have demonstrated exceptional expertise in building strong working relationships. Our team works collaboratively with clients in all phases of work to deliver solid results.

Our client base spans industries in the private and public sectors, including financial, scientific, technology, government, the arts and not-for-profit organizations.