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Competency Benefits/Budget Dilemma

Are you struggling with awkward performance discussions, limited training dollars, or employees that underperform or don’t fit well into the organizational culture? Then competency assessment tools could be an essential addition to your HR toolkit.  They highlight key training needs; identify performance strengths/gaps; and show how their competencies the fit to your organizational culture. Most importantly to many managers, they offer an objective tool for more productive performance discussions! 

However, if you are a SME (small and medium enterprise) or an HR consultant to SMEs, you are very likely facing a dilemma. Most competency solutions come packaged within costly human resource information systems that put them beyond the reach of most SMEs and HR consultants.


A Cost-Effective Solution

Entegrys has specialized in competency-based HR systems and national occupational standards for over 25 years. We are now pivoting our business from these consulting services to offering self-administered, online competency tools within the reach of individuals and businesses alike.

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a competency solution geared specifically to the needs and budget of SMEs and HR consultants. The Entegrys Focus Suite® is a set of self-administered, online competency assessment tools that you can buy as needed or in bulk without any costly upfront investment. 

We believe the tools will more than pay for themselves in lower turnover, increased performance, and less challenging performance discussions. 


Basic Building Blocks of the Entegrys Focus Suite


    • A library of transferable (aka personal/professional) competencies enhanced and proven over the past 25 years.
        • Why not technical competencies? 
          Unlike transferable competencies, technical competencies tend to be unique to each industry. This makes it difficult to offer technical competencies at an affordable price.
          In addition, our experience has shown that most organizations are able to define and manage their technical requirements quite well. However, they struggle to manage employees’ transferable competencies. 
          In fact, most staff dismissals are triggered by development needs in competencies like teamwork, interpersonal communication, adaptability, initiative, etc.


    • All competencies in the library are defined over a four-level complexity scale.
        • Why levels? 
          Levels of complexity allow you to customize competency requirements to the complexity of each job/role.


    • A growing library of established competency standards (aka job profiles) for key roles PLUS specialized profiles.
      Specialized profiles are designed to find individuals with unique capability sets such as leadership potential, resiliency, high potential, etc. Each profile defines the six to nine most critical competencies for effective performance in that job or role. In addition, the profile shows the level of complexity desired for each critical competency.
        • Why standards? 
          Competency standards provide an objective and uniform performance measure for everyone in that role.
          Perceived fairness in performance evaluations plays a key role in employee satisfaction and retention!


    • The Entegrys Focus Suite includes tools for self, self and manager, and multi-rater competency assessments.
        • Why these three choices? 
          Although self-assessment is known to be the least reliable form of assessment, it offers individuals the opportunity to assess their potential for various careers and readiness for promotion to more senior roles.
          Self and manager assessments create an ideal foundation for performance and development discussions.
          Multi-rater assessments provide the most complete and accurate picture of employees’ strengths and development needs because they can capture the perspective of managers, colleagues, direct reports and clients alike.


Quality Built into Questionnaires and Reports


    • The statements in the feedback questionnaires are randomized across competencies, complexity levels and assessors.
        • Why randomized? 
          Randomized statements increase the accuracy of ratings and decrease rater fatigue.
    • Feedback questionnaires provide the opportunity for assessors to comment on their ratings and observations for each competency.
        • Why comments? 
          Assessor comments offer valuable insight into the competency ratings and concrete examples of the individual’s strengths and development needs for both the individual and the manager.
          The comments make them particularly important to performance and development discussions.
    • Focus reports show inter-rater agreement measures within and across assessor groups.
        • Why agreement measures? 
          Inter-rater agreement measures provide strong assurance of the accuracy of feedback overall and can highlight potential issues within assessor groups.


Next Steps

If this piques your interest, click here for further information on the Entegrys Focus tools, including a sample 360 Focus report. And while you’re exploring, sign up for a free account so you can try the Career Focus tool for free!

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