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“If a leader demonstrates competency, genuine concern for others, and admirable character, people will follow.”

– T. Richard Chase

This quote describes me. Well, sometimes. Other times it just… doesn’t. But it certainly describes who I want to be. All the time. Consistently. And that’s one of the reasons it caught my attention, it shows the human side of human resource.

In my search for the right quote to share with you as we begin our maiden voyage into the world of articles and blogging, I found some more entertaining quotes, but they drew their wit from poking fun at others—politicians, major corporations. This one caught my attention because it exhibits the character I aspire to, and that our company, Entegrys, aspires to.

If there’s anything our business stands for, it’s getting into the nitty-gritty of regular people’s stuff—their shining strengths, the weaknesses they try to hide—going there with them while treating them with respect and integrity.

We do this knowing that if it was one of us being put under the microscope, we’d find the same mish-mash of stellar performances and glaring deficiencies we’d really rather cover back up.

And isn’t that the nature of Human Resources? We’re so human, yet given the right circumstances, the right motivation, the right encouragement, each of us can give back so much to the employer who’s willing to take a chance on us.

Did I mention we’re working with regular people? I mean receptionists, specialists, middle managers, CEOs. Some of us have climbed higher up the proverbial corporate ladder, but in the end, we’re all just regular people.

There’s another big reason the quote above caught my attention. It’s about what we do. Entegrys is about helping companies do human resources right by seeing both the human and the resource.

Especially, we’re about competencies—defining them, measuring them, developing them, and figuring out which ones are needed to do the job well. We’re so much about competencies that we created a software tool to help you sort through them and assess them.

And then we went a step further and made it financially accessible to anyone from the job seeker looking for work to the CEO of the corporation.

In fact, you can check it out for free.

Then tell us what you think. Comment on our blog. Share your feedback. Talk about our software. Tell us what features you’re delighted to see and let us know where you think we can do better.

And as you do, keep in mind that our goal for the tone of our blog is to strive to reflect “genuine concern for others” and “admirable character” as together we become better leaders in our own fields who “demonstrate competency” in a way that “people will follow” us.

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