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Preparing a resume that stands out

In the previous article, we discussed tips to prepare yourself to stand out in the hiring or selection process by demonstrating initiative and investing in self-development.

In this article, we will focus on some tips to create a professional resume that will impress the selection committee and differentiate you from other applicants.


Focus on results

Resumes typically highlight work experience, and while that is important, it does not provide the whole picture. To paint a more complete picture, ensure you also:

  • Include concrete examples of your accomplishments in past jobs, e.g.:What really defines a great match is fit and chemistry between their immediate boss and the rest of the team.-produced a marketing plan that was accepted by the executive committee;
    – set up a new digital filing system that reduced filing time by 50%;
    – developed a technical help manual for customer service support.
  • Identify the growth you experienced in professional competencies like problem-solving, communication, planning and organizing, continuous learning, etc.
  • Highlight how you fit into the organization’s culture and environment, and adapted to your tasks.


Take your resume to the next level

Add concrete evidence of your professional development to increase your chances of being short-listed. A convenient way to do this is with an online competency feedback tool like the Entegrys Focus®️ Suite.




  • Chose a competency profile that highlights the important competencies in the role you are applying for or one from the Specialty Profile category.
  • Identify individuals like managers, colleagues, clients and employees who are familiar with your on-the-job performance and whose opinion you value.
  • Ask five or six of them to invest twenty minutes to provide feedback on your performance in this role.
    Note: Be sure to include those you plan to use as references. And remember to include their contact information in your resume.


  • Once you have gathered their feedback, close the assessment and instantly generate your feedback report. You will then have a current snapshot of your strengths and stage of development in competencies critical to this role.
  • Attach the feedback report to your resume.


Benefits of a feedback report:


  • It is an information goldmine that will provide substantial weight to your resume.
  • It offers the selection committee an objective analysis of your performance and development.
  • It will give you a head start with specific competency examples to use in the interview process.
  • It demonstrates your proactivity and will distinguish you from the crowd.


Set up for success

References are the most common tool used to verify interview data and gain insight into how well you will fit into the organization. It is time-consuming, so they typically only check references for top candidates.

By including a competency feedback report with your resume, you have already set yourself up for success in the reference checking process.




  • Reference checking is where they uncover your real on-the-job performance. You have already given them a snapshot of that.
  • The feedback report will save the selection committee time by reducing the amount of information they need to gather from references.

Do your part by including concrete competency feedback with your resume. Then leave it to your references to take you over the finish line.

By growing your competencies and taking your resume to the next level, you will no longer be a faceless applicant. You will have made yourself known.



A footnote on the Entegrys Focus®️ Suite


The Entegrys Focus®️ Suite supports career development by offering insight into how well your strengths match a role profile. This Suite of powerful competency assessment tools enables you to gather and compare perspectives from a full spectrum of assessors.

There are multiple job profiles to choose from including specialty profiles like Developing Leader, High Potential and Resiliency Inventory.

The Focus®️ report shows an individual’s overall performance score (strengths and development needs) for each competency in the role profile. It also provides details on the rating data for each competency, compares ratings between assessor groups, and delivers assessors’ comments.

The Entegrys Focus®️ tools offer the reliability of measuring real on-the-job results and highlight competencies that you excel in.

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