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You have demonstrated the energy, initiative, and ability to get where you are. Chances are, you are already a manager or business owner, or are on track to be one soon. Think back to how you got here. What resources or tools have helped you along the way?

You likely have expertise in one or more fields and have confidence in your judgement in these areas. However, as a manager or business owner, you often need to make decisions in high consequence areas outside your field of expertise.

For example, few managers or business owners have expertise in the field of human resources (HR). Yet you must make crucial decisions about hiring, firing and promotions or performance management and development⏤often with limited time and information.

HR’s Powerful Tool

Sometimes even smart managers and owners need to call in the experts. But with the right tools and some advanced preparation, you can make quality decisions in a timely manner in most HR situations.

Competency solutions are powerful HR tools that you can easily put to work for you. They will simplify and speed up your HR decisions for better results.

Competency Tools

How? You often already know the competencies (demonstrated behaviours) and outcomes you want intuitively but haven’t formally defined them.

With established competency tools, you can effectively:

  • Prepare in advance Select job profiles that reflect the desired competencies candidates and staff must demonstrate to meet your current needs.
  • Apply – Use these job profiles⏤competency standards⏤consistently to select staff for promotion, manage performance and develop employees faster and more accurately.
  • Simplify and speed up – Take advantage of quality online competency assessment tools to compare candidates and staff to the desired job profile. Involving five or more individuals in the assessment process will provide more accurate and objective information for your HR decisions.

Competency tools are a smart way to achieve more with your staff and increase your organization’s success!

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