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Does Integrity have a real place in business, or is it just window dressing in our list of corporate values?

Almost three hundred years ago, Lord Chesterfield, a man of prominent social and political stature, said, 

“Good breeding is the result of good sense, some good nature, and a little self-denial for the sake of others.”

But what does breeding have to do with Integrity? The Oxford Dictionary defines Integrity as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.”

Recognizing Integrity

So, does Integrity have a real place in business? To answer that, we need to first examine how we can recognize Integrity in the workplace

At a basic level, Integrity looks like respecting corporate values and guidelines, honoring our commitments, and sharing accurate information. 

At more developed levels, it can be holding ourselves and others accountable for actions and behaviours, and reinforcing respect and reasonable accommodation of diverse culture and groups.

“Modeling ethical social standards and organizational values in all actions, communications and decisions.”

Entegrys Competency Dictionary

At advanced levels, Integrity is evident when leaders create a principle-driven culture and live that culture out in their personal actions and decisions.

These types of behaviours build trust which sets off a positive chain reaction with employees and clients alike. Client trust leads to repeat business and great referrals. It is good for the organization’s bottom line. Employee trust changes the whole atmosphere.

Employee surveys reveal that trust in the workplace creates multiple benefits. For example, it results in higher morale, collaboration, and loyalty, and decreases stress levels and resistance to change. In other words, it increases employee engagement.

It is a well-known fact that higher employee engagement leads to increased performance results.

Good breeding

Integrity breeds trust.

Trust breeds engagement.

Engagement breeds performance.

So why cultivate Integrity in the workplace? The answer is simple. It makes good business sense! Embed it as a corporate value and model it consistently with clients AND employees.

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